Alain Caron / Live 5 - Cabaret de Montréal - 2CD

Alain Caron / Live 5 - Cabaret de Montréal - 2CD

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Recorded live on Tuesday, May 18th, 2005, at exactly 8:00 pm in one of downtown Montreal's premier live clubs - The Cabaret de Montreal. One time, One take performance masterfully captured Live. 110 minutes of state of the art sound quality that takes you through a myriad of textures, colours and double-barrel performances. You truly have the impression of being there! The music fully delves into CARON's new-found appreciation for Electronica. Incorporating slick loops, clubby, vibe-y textures and phenomenal performances that will enthrall, elevate, and send everyone into a neurological music euphoria. Here he has finally found the right balance between sampling and live musicians, between performance and pure emotion, between traditional jazz and urban. CARON seeks to initiate the public at large to this fun new refreshing point of view he likes to call: ELECTRO-FUSION-JAZZ.

Track Listing :

CD 1
Ocean of Trees / Double Agent / Signal / Ink illusion / Shows of Hands / No Left Turn on Tuesday / Slam the Clown

CD 2
Turkey Loose on the Kit / Baby Step / Solitude / Black Paws / D-Code