Abecedarians / Eureka - CD
Abecedarians / Eureka - CD
Abecedarians / Eureka - CD

Abecedarians / Eureka - CD

Word and Sound / Pylon Records
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  • CD Digipack

Track Listing:

1. Ghosts
2. Soil
3. Beneath The City Of The Hedonistic Bohemians
4. I Glide
5. Mice & Coconut Tree
6. Misery Of Cities
7. Smiling Monarchs
8. Benway's Carnival
9. Switch
10. Other Side Of The Fence
11. They Said Tomorrow
12. Wildflower
13. John's Pop
14. Spaghetti Western

Abecedarians were an American, Los Angeles-based post-punk trio, active in the mid to late 1980s. The lineup consisted of Chris Manecke (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Kevin Dolan (drums) and John Blake (bass). They specialized in sparse, guitar-driven post-punk, though their most well-known song, "Smiling Monarchs", is alternative dance in the vein of New Order, and was in fact mixed by that band's guitar player and vocalist, Bernard Sumner .

Please Note: Every effort has been made by the band and the record label to obtain the best Master source of the audio for this release. The Abecedarians repertoire consisted of a diverse range of recordings and Masters over the years, therefore if you hear tape hiss, and or harmonic distortion on some tracks it is intentional.