Arno / Commercial naked - 2LP Vinyl + CD

Arno / Commercial naked - 2LP Vinyl + CD

Word and Sound
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  • First time on vinyl
  • 140-gram Black Double LP Vinyl + CD
  • Wide Spine Sleeve
  • 30 x 30 cm poster

Track Listing:

A1 Fantastic
A2 In my bed
A3 European Cowboy
A4 Round and beautiful
A5 Mercy
B1 Oh my!
B2 My Birthday
B3 I am under
B4 Tattoos of the past
B5 High and Dry
C1 Sitting in a Car
C2 I have a problem
C3 I am a man
C4 Commercial naked
C5 All the Young Dudes
D1 I love myself
D2 In My Bed
D3 Birthday
D4 Cry Like a Man

The CD features the same tracks in the same order.

Arno ’s ' À poil commercial ' album, originally released in 1999, is being released for the very 1st time on vinyl and with 6 rare and unreleased bonus tracks. Tracklist includes the hit ' European Cowboy '.