Conrado, Scuderi & Montanari / Bass Modulations - LP Vinyl

Conrado, Scuderi & Montanari / Bass Modulations - LP Vinyl

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  • 180-gram Vinyl Record
  • Limited edition
  • 500 hand numbered copies (First 200 on Green Vinyl)

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Clotting
2. Dipper
3. Lay-Out
4. Pledge
5. Overtime
6. QuitHold
7. Jigsaw

Side B
1. Similarly
2. Cobweb
3. Nibble Out
4. Properly
5. Range In
6. Zoo Sound
7. Way On

Released by Octopus in 1973 and now available for the first time on vinyl on Spettro, " Bass Modulations " is a record included in many "hip hop breakbeats" charts and it country specific attention on bass - as title - and percussion.

Composers are Antonino Scuderi , who worked on 2 tracks, ' Overtime ', with low frequencies and a primitive drum machine, and ' Range In ', one of the most strange track of this compilation, Roberto Conrado , Roman composer, already member of Gli Apostoli in the 60s, and Piero Montanari , Roman, scores' author (long-lasting collaboration with cult director Joe D'Amato), bass player and session-musician for many Italian pop stars as Renato Zero, Ivan Graziani, Pino Daniele, Sergio Caputo and Claudio Baglioni, just to name a few.

" Bass Modulation " is an easy listening collection of tracks, with no experimental fit and lot of funky hooks and 70s rhythms and dynamics. ' Likewise ' is a groovy gem, led by guitar, bass and synth; ' Pledge ' hangs between light psych and flutes, while ' Properly ' is another little masterpiece of this record, full of fuzz guitar and afro percussion. Just let the groove overwhelm you, every track is devoted to bass modulations.