Dan Bigras / Dan Bigras X 4 Live - 2CD

Dan Bigras / Dan Bigras X 4 Live - 2CD

Disques de l'Ange Animal
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  • Double CD cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

CD 1
2. The human beast
3. It would take almost nothing
4. Welcome stereologist
5. Scotch nights
6. The blue wind
7. Falling into the sky
8. Orange cone
9. It just happens in my views
10. Why do you want
11. Kill me
12. Kick out your chair
13. We're leaving
14. Lost River
15. Animal Angel

CD 2
1. A man cries too
2. Shipwreck
3. Not strong
4. Trumpty dumpty
5. We get fooled
6. Bigras Shuffle
7. CD Fake News
8. Skira
9. Sarajevo
10. Hail Mary
11. O Fortuna
12. Pig Stereologist
13. At our place at your place
14. Three little pigs
15. We're going to fight
16. Final Pig

“I have had two musical lives. The first, quite crazy, where I played rock-blues in bars for almost eighteen years and the second, strangely wiser, which began with my record Tue moi . I've made all the music I wanted, but there's a profound difference between playing what you want and playing who you are. It’s an ongoing search. Thanks to my three musicians, I was able to put these two parts of my life back together and I was able to reconnect with the past madness, which brought new life to my songs. It was obvious to me that this madness would be poorly captured in the studio. So for three years we've been pushing this show to its limit every night, constantly re-shaping it, re-arranging it. The result is there and I would have blamed myself all my life if I had not recorded this madness. It's done and it goes further than anything I dreamed of. So, I deliver this “ton of brick” to you with all the energy it needed. Madness found, check :) Regards, Dan »