Aārp / Propaganda - LP Vinyl
Aārp / Propaganda - LP Vinyl

Aārp / Propaganda - LP Vinyl

Word and Sound / InFiné
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  • 140-gram Black Vinyl 

Track Listing: 

A1 Ça fuit de partout
A2 Condamnez-vous les violences?
A3 The Axis of Evil
A4 Less Than 1% of Patients Become Addicted
A5 There Is No Alternative
A6 Nada Es Gratis En Esta Vida 
B1 You Can Do It
B2 The Herbicide That Gets to the Root of the Problem
B3 I Prefer a Liberal Dictator to Democratic Government Lacking Liberalism
B4 Green Growth
B5 Delivering a Smoke-Free Future
B6 Les malheureux sont les puissances de la terre

Classically trained experimentalist Aārp releases his compositionally expansive and pointedly political debut album via InFiné. ‘Propaganda’ is an album that rewards repeat listens and inspires research, pushing listeners to look for the truth beyond the headlines. 

The title ‘Propaganda’ is inspired in part by the death of a young man in Nantes who drowned following a police altercation at "Fête de la Musique" in 2019. Despite the fact that he was only dancing and there was clear evidence of negligence, the media campaign that followed cleared all involved and disinformation spread, distorting the truth and allowing French authorities to evade any consequence. This blatant and very recent example of press propaganda lead Aārp to explore a multitude of moments in history, each one informing a single track from his new record. 

Each song title is a direct quote taken from different examples of these moments, from George W. Bush to Margret Thatcher and French philosopher Gilles Deleuze to the infamous Oxycontin commercial by Purdue Pharma. With ‘PropagandaAārp is asking his listeners to consider fact, open their minds and to think before spreading questionable news in an era rife with deception, when fabricated clickbait holds more currency than expertise. 

Musically dense and littered with glistening electronics, ‘Propaganda’ tells a story as it weaves between epic ambient soundscapes to droning, beat-infused dance. A backbone of glitchy industrial sounds allows it to delve into some dark places while retaining its upbeat and accessible mood.