And One / Zerstörer (EP) - CD

And One / Zerstörer (EP) - CD

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Track Listing: 

1. Zerstörer 
2. Sex Drive 
3. No Song For You 
4. Mirror In Your Heart (Live 2010) 
5. The Secret (Live 2010) 
6. Military Fashion Show (Live 2010) 
7. Military Fashion Show (Original Version) 
8. Zerstörer (Peine I.S.T. die Ansage 2011 Mix) 

Hello. This is not the kind of one-sided release info comprised of overblown praise or totally exaggerated claims. Something like that would totally be far beneath Europe's most important, successful band, especially when it comes to a milestone in Pop-history like Zerstörer. We could sit here and heap adulations and fawn over this EP, but it would be pointless, as no one will be able to resist the Bodypop-style sported by Steve Naghavi and his gang of world-class musicians, anyhow. Compared to these guys, other bands suck big time and And One has set out yet again to prove it.

The title track is, without exaggeration, the finest example of bodypop ever recorded. It is, by all accounts, perfect in every aspect, which is why Steve Naghavi decided you need two versions (he may have been drunk). We should just trust him; he knows what he is doing. Anyone who understands the bonus track “Sex Drive” must definitely have been humping one of the Bodypoppers, and no one will ever croon you a Synth-ballad as falsely fragile as “No Song For You” again. As if all of this wasn't enough, And One has decided that they will include three live versions of classics. To top it all off, you will be treated to the original rockabilly-version of “Military Fashion Show” that works just the same kind of magic as the brand new and pimped-up live version! We can say without a doubt that Zerstörer is the best single ever. This isn't some sales pitch. We promise.Metropolis Records