Brand New Lungs / Like Wildfire - LP Vinyl
Brand New Lungs / Like Wildfire - LP Vinyl

Brand New Lungs / Like Wildfire - LP Vinyl

Thousand Islands Records
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Brand New Lungs are four dudes from Montreal, Canada using a punk rock band as an excuse to drink beer and have fun. They somehow manage to deliver catchy and heartfelt punk rock, and to get their shit together enough to release an album! Say whaaat!

They are releasing their debut album, but by no means are they newcomers to the scene as they all played in several other acts before. They now know that the only way to make it in the music industry is to sell yourself to a soul crushing, boring, 9 to 5 desk job in order to have your weekends off and play shows in front of your 3 best friends, and Mark from the office.

So come to a show, drink beer and singalong! Some might say that fans of Millencolin, RVIVR, Menzingers, and basic human decency might enjoy their music.

Track Listing : 

Side A
1. Intro (Wildfire)
2. 90’s Pop Songs
3. Going Away
4. Dirty Streets
5. Hate Me
6. Ghost Town

Side B
1. The Greatest Excuse
2. Perfect Storms
3. In Circles
4. It’s Not Over
5. Hey Old Friend
6. Better Days