Cassius / 1999 - 2LP Vinyl + CD
Cassius / 1999 - 2LP Vinyl + CD

Cassius / 1999 - 2LP Vinyl + CD

Word and Sound
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  • 2016 Reissue
  • Double LP Vinyl + CD Edition
  • Gatefold Jacket

Track Listing: 

A1 Cassius 1999
A2 Feeling For You
A3 Crazy Legs
A4 La Mouche
B1 Chase
B2 Foxxy
B3 Planetz
B4 Hey Babe
C1 Mister Eveready
C2 Nulife
C3 Interlude
C4 Somebody
D1 Club Soixante Quinze
D2 Supa Crush
D3 Invisible
D4 Cassius 99 (Remix - Radio Edit)

CD included features the 16 tracks in the same order

1999… after the global supremacy of Oasis and Blur, the world is looking for some musical freshness. Some artists such as Daft Punk and Air have already contributed to globally popularize what the English called the "French Touch", a new term that refers to a large musical French movement.

The first album of Cassius is one of the key pieces of this growing genre, and demonstrates once again the variety of the trend. Indeed, after have cooperated for a long time with MC Solaar, one of France's 90's best rappers, the hip-hop influence of both Cassius members had to have an impact on their personal concept, and it did seduce a lot of listeners hungry for new musical flavours: more than 250 000 units sold worldwide and numerous unconditional fans…Before the release of their new album Ibifornia coming out this summer, we're taking you back to basics with a new release of Cassius' first album, for the ones who didn't have the opportunity to hear it, or for those who only have the CD, and would like to get themselves the vinyl edition!