Dapayk & Padberg / Smoke - 2LP Vinyl
Dapayk & Padberg / Smoke - 2LP Vinyl

Dapayk & Padberg / Smoke - 2LP Vinyl

Word and Sound
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  • Double Black Vinyl
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Includes MP3 download card

Track Listing: 

A1 Drowning Inside You
A2 Layers
A3 Headless Queen
A4 Pavements
B1 Ginger
B2 Smoke
B3 Ingwer
C1 Silent Fireworks
C2 Gingembre
C3 No Words
D1 Dark Days
D2 Some Air
D3 Joachim's Kalimba
D4 Dance In Your Flame

You open the door. You take a step into the cool fog of a new morning. It‘s the hour before sunrise and while somewhere the remains of last night-party beats are hovering in the air, the wind carries broken scraps of a singer-songwriter piece through the haunting haze your way. The night made way for a new day. A day, when everything will be different. Change, transformation, development – these have always been the motor behind Berlin’s electronica duo Dapayk & Padberg.

On their 4th LP, they might now have made the most uncompromising step during their 10-year career in which they have become one of Europe’s most fascinating club acts. Their magic formula? Looking for alternatives. With their LP "Smoke" they bid a temporary farewell to the dance-floor. They are taking new paths, searching, trying new, never before seen patterns. These paths led the duo from the golden hills of the Provence to the dark autumnal lowlands at the border between Scotland and England. The influence of those places is felt throughout the whole record with its atmospheric hybrid tracks.

After their last album "Sweet Nothings" with its summery/funky sound Dapayk &  Padberg are now opening the door to a gloomy-melancholic world. While "Sweet Nothings" was a balancing act between club sound and Listening-Electronica the duo is now turning its back on the dance-floor, to take the listener on an acoustic tour through their personal Amber Room. With their Chamber-Electro mix, containing characteristics of dubstep, catchy pop elements, classical string arrangements and and a singer/songwriter-like intimacy, they achieve to create new sound rooms. "The time we spent in Scotland was the most creative and productive time we ever had," explains Eva Padberg. "It was a wonderful experience to get up in the morning, have breakfast and after a long walk in the drizzling rain have nothing else to do then to sit in front of the log fire with a glass of whisky in our hands and work on new tracks..."

Dapayk & Padberg‘s albums have always been snapshots of their current inspirational and emotional world- with "Smoke" they have now created their most consistent and self-contained collection of New Release Information songs to date. Against all expectations, sometimes even against their own nature as artists, letting go of all too familiar and comfortable structures. "Smoke" is all about overcoming those lines between different genres, letting go, opening their mind to the new, "without worrying about fitting into a certain niche or having to compromise“ Eva adds. "When we had the structure for about two thirds of the album set up, we realized that we‘re heading into some dark waters. I think with this album we found ourselves more than ever and maybe even grew up a bit.“ Growing up in fast times, in which Niklas Worgt produces numerous club projects for the insatiable nightlife and Eva Padberg counts as one fashion most sought after faces.

"Smoke" is their escape with which Dapayk & Padberg transport an atmosphere that possibly no one would have expected in its intensity. "For us it‘s always been about finding the cracks and about contrast," Niklas adds. "It‘s about challenging the listener. For me there is nothing more boring than overproduced, clean computer music."