Django Django / Reflections (Remixes) - 12" Vinyl

Django Django / Reflections (Remixes) - 12" Vinyl

Word and Sound
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Track Listing: 

Side A 
1. Reflections 
2. Reflections (Happa Remix) 

Side B
1. Reflections (Jellyman's Midnight Jelly Jam Remix)
2. Reflections (Leith Waterworld Remix) 

Django Django's latest album "Born Under Saturn" expands on the slippery, indefinable brilliance of the debut, finding magic in the unexplored spaces between different kinds of music, and never doing the same thing twice. 

After delivering a catchy first single "First Light", they share another single - a thumping, house-inflected ritualistic chant called "Reflections". There's barely any guitar on the song; instead, it's driven by a relentless 4/4 pulse. 

Django Django frontman Vinnie Neff: "Reflections is a story about someone who has dedicated their whole life to finding something, but only then realising that what they left behind was more important. Featuring Roller Trio's James Mainwaring in the middle 8 on the saxophone"