John Pittman / Kinship - CD

John Pittman / Kinship - CD

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Kinship is the debut solo release from Toronto-based trumpet player John Pittman, who is best known for his work with the critically acclaimed Heavyweights Brass Band. Pittman shines here in the roles of performer, composer, bandleader and producer. Kinship features singable tunes that linger in the ear and improvisations that excite the imagination. The music stretches from swing to the avant-garde while keeping common touch and a sense of joy and playfulness.

Pittman assembled a stellar cast of musicians who are giants individually, and their collective studio chemistry is palpable on this release. Shirantha Beddage, Jeff McLeod, Mikes Downes and Curtis Nowosad are all well-known to the Canadian Jazz scene as bandleaders and Juno award winners or nominees. Their musicianship, creativity, and virtuosity is on full display here without overshadowing the need for cohesive group dynamic.

Kinship is a uniquely personal statement from John Pittman that reflects on family, teachers, mentors and friends. The music presented on this album evokes the nature of these relationships from the playful “Homiostasis” or the challenging “Where Is the Love?” to the wistful “Reminiscing” or comforting ‘Home”.

1. Ties That Bind
2. For Siobhan (shi-vawn)
3. Homio-stasis
4. Moray Crossing
5. Where Is the Love?
6. Reminiscing
7. As
8. Home