Linda Arseneault / Redneck Girl - CD

Linda Arseneault / Redneck Girl - CD

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One album in two official languages for Linda Arseneault… Why not?

This Acadian singer-songwriter, who resides in Murray Corner (New Brunswick), was inspired to write a fully translated album because of the diversity of her family and friends.  Many of the songs reflect her surroundings and events in her everyday life. The project was a labour of love and especially dear to her, as her anglophone husband, Jeff Parsons, helped co-write and perform several songs.

Two songs that tug on her heart strings the most are “Let’s get married on a boat/Marions-nous sur un bateau” (performed in English as a duet and in French as a solo)  and  “Our vows/Nos voeux de mariage” written as their vows, then sang at their wedding on her father-in-law’s fishing boat in 2018. Paul Leblanc (L Studio), Mike Porelle, Joel Robichaud, Richard Bourque, Matt Hayes, Aaron Currie, Sylvain Pouliot and on harmonies Louis Cormier and her daughter Vanessa Lynn Small helped to bring her fourth and fifth solo albums to life.  Their wonderful musicianship and voices anchor the magic of her albums Redneck Girl and Redneck Girl (Album français).

Track Listing:

1. Redneck Girl (version française)
2. Apple of My Eye
3. Let’s Get Married on a Boat
4. Monday Morning Blues
5. Our Vows
6. Linda Lou and Linda Marie    
7. I Love My Life
8. Being Apart Broke My Heart
9. It’s Never Too Late
10. The Sails of Remembrance
11. Just Fine on My Own
12. Waking up next to You

Released on January 10 2020.