Space Art / Play Back - LP Vinyl + CD

Space Art / Play Back - LP Vinyl + CD

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It's never too late to discover Space Art: this music has shaped the era we're living in now. You feel like you have always have heard and loved these tracks. Electronic music had already found its popular dimension and hits with Jean-Michel Jarre but also a myriad of studio projects among them Space Art was certainly the most influential one. 

  • Gatefold Sleeve 
  • 2016 Reissue Vinyl + CD bundle (first CD issue ever) + Poster 
  • 2010 Digital Remasters 

Track Listing: 

LP Vinyl 

Side A 
1. Folkstone Hovercraft
2. Jaurès
3. Paris Vision 

Side B 
1. Love Machine 
2. Alpha Du Centaure Part I
3. Alpha Du Centaure Part II
4. Alpha Du Centaure Part III
5. Parakeet Island
6. Welcome To Love 

1. Folkstone Hovercraft 
2. Jaurès 
3. Paris Vision 
4. Love Machine 
5. Alpha Du Centaure Part I 
6. Alpha Du Centaure Part II 
7. Alpha Du Centaure Part III 
8. Parakeet Island 
9. Welcome To Love