TiKA / Anywhere But Here - CD

TiKA / Anywhere But Here - CD

Outside Music Distribution / Next Door Records
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This item will be available on February 26, 2021. Pre-order now.

Track Listing:

1. Soothing Love
2. Human Heart
3. Interstellar Vibes
4 .Bless Me Down
5. Sideways
6. Walking Disaster (feat. DESIIRE)
7. Ishmil
8. I Would Die 4 U
9. I Prayed
10. Unless UR Mine

"Anywhere But Here encompasses many different themes - the exploration of my queerness, lost love, abuse, abandonment - and all the things I wanted to get away from. I titled the album Anywhere But Here because I wrote each song when I was living in a home that I didn’t want to be. In hindsight, “here” was exactly where I needed to be. I was certain that the problem was where I was living. Sometimes, in the most frugal spaces, I would dream about what it would be like to not be without. It helped me realize that the problem wasn’t the spaces but rather the discomfort that I had within myself. It took years to awaken to this reality. We're all good and we're all bad. How we see the world influences how we function together as one humanity. I pray we all push through together." – Asé