Unikkausivut / Sharing Stories - DVD

Unikkausivut / Sharing Stories - DVD

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The Inuit have a long and vibrant tradition of passing tales and legends down from one generation to the next using visual arts and storytelling. For the past 70 years, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has been documenting life in the Arctic through the production of films by, and about, the Inuit. The NFB’s collection of more than 100 documentaries and animated films represents a unique audiovisual account of the life of the Inuit—an account that should be shared with, and celebrated by, all Canadians.

The National Film Board of Canada - in collaboration with the Inuit Relations Secretariat of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the Government of Nunavut (Department of Education), and with the support of Inuit organizations - has selected more than 60 films from its collection, the most important worldwide, that represent all 4 Canadian Inuit regions (Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and Inuvialuit), some available in Inuktitut.

Discover a powerful portrait of the Inuit experience, past and present, in these animated shorts and documentaries.

Own the Unikkausivut - Sharing our Stories DVD boxset.

A new learning resource is available English and in French, as well as in four Inuktitut dialects from Nunavut (syllabic), Nunavik(syllabic), Nunatsiavut and Inuvialuit. A special thank you to the Inuit Relations Directorate of Indigenous Affairs and Northern Affairs Canada for their support.