Will Driving West / Silence - LP Vinyl

Will Driving West / Silence - LP Vinyl

Will Driving West
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Will Driving West makes music from the soul, for the soul. Every song is made of real stuff, every song has a purpose. They do not write for the radio, they do not dilute their sound to reach the masses (and then they wonder why they’re still pretty much a local band after nine years of making critically acclaimed music).

Sailing under the radar, they nevertheless sold 12,000 albums, played hundreds of shows including Montreal International Jazz Festival and Canadian Music Week as well as performing three times on National television.

Their instrumental side project Slow Fade Sailors has been streamed more than 16 million times.

Their music has been featured on international film credits, popular TV series and commercials on more than 30 occasions.

They have been dubbed “Montreal’s best kept secret”. And yes, it is a real quote from a real person working in the real media. It’s not something that the singer’s mother said and they thought “hey that’s good, let’s put it in our bio.” Although they would have certainly done it if she had said that.

Track Listing:

1. Anchors
2. Wings
3. Cannonballs
4. Kids

1. Man an Ocean
2. The Watcher
3. Waltz of Life
4. Trains
5. And the Sky Turned Blue

Released October 11 2019