Cayouche / An old hippy - CD

Cayouche / An old hippy - CD

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Album tracks:

1. In the city
2. Goo’day
3. Bootlegger
4. The fridge
5. It's fun to be crazy
6. Children with boots
7. I am 40 years old
8. I remember it
9. Export “A”
10. Poop in the pipe
11. Northern New Brunswick
12. My tractor chain
13. Winter is coming
14. Innocent
15. André’s little Jeep
16. The good old days
17. Wool socks

Thanks to this first album, Cayouche made a phenomenal entry into the music market in Acadia. Reaching a sales figure of more than 15,000 copies in a fairly limited market, the album “ Unieux hippy ” is surely part of the discotheque of most Acadian families. Cayouche , a musician of great simplicity, sings with his slightly rough voice about the routine of everyday life. Shortly after the release of the album “ Un ancien hippy ”, fans who attended his shows could sing along to all the lyrics of his songs such as “ La Chaîne de mon Tractor ”, “ Export “A” ” or even “ Children with a boot ”. The album “ Un Vieux Hippy ” surely contains several of the new classics of Acadian song.