Propaganda, Who are we?

 Propaganda Distribution was created in 2018

Diane Godin, office manager of Plage has supervised 25 years of operations in Eastern Canada from our office in Caraquet

PROPAGANDE MANUFACTURING works with labels and artists on Vinyl / CD manufacturing, merchandise production, and print needs.

Propaganda Distribution occupies an important place in Canada as an independent company and distributor, involved in both physical and digital distribution of audiovisual products and as a record label.

The team at Propaganda Distribution is composed of experienced staff, committed to a personal and collaborative approach when working with both domestic and international labels and artists, with a focus on Quebec. Our dedicated team are also dreamers, realizing their own dream of caring for the music they live for.

The team is managed by Nicolas Leroux, the chief executive officer of the company, with years of experience in music distribution.

-Propaganda Distribution has an agreement with digital distributor BELIEVE to allow all labels and artists to have access to its worldwide digital services.


To meet the ever-increasing demand for Vinyl records all over the world, Propaganda Distribution has become the only Canadian company to offer competent and professional services for both the manufacturing and distribution of Vinyl records. Our in-house, experienced professionals perform strict quality controls and approvals of test pressings, having experienced first-hand the brilliant era of Vinyl records.

To help the printing of record jackets, Propaganda provides qualified graphic artists to help finalize the conception of your projects.

Our Canadian distribution network works with some of the country's largest retailers. Clients include WALMART, RENAUD-BRAY, ARCHAMBAULT, SUNRISE, AMAZON and MERCHBAR.

We are also privileged to be partners with over 250 independent record stores in Canada. Record stores in tune with demanding clients, to whom we give an individual and personalized approach. These stores have become essential to the continued survival of our industry.

Propaganda Distribution operates its own boutique on the Web and strives to always keep our products in stock at a fair price.

Propaganda Distribution also manages merchandise products for labels and independent artists on the MERCHBAR platform.

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