Propaganda, Who are we?



. Propaganda distribution was born in 2018

. Distribution Plages: Diane Godin has held the position of office director at DISTRIBUTION PLAGES for over 25 years and, as such, supervises operations for Eastern Canada & Maritimes, from our office in Caraquet.

. Propaganda Distribution is a human-sized company that now occupies a predominant place in Canada, as a record company in the physical and digital distribution of audiovisual items.

. The Propaganda Distribution team is dedicated to artists from Quebec, Canada, France as well as those from abroad, but above all, the team is made up of artisans who dedicate themselves with conviction to our industry music.

. This team values ​​and promotes a personalized and collaborative approach between labels and stakeholders. The artisans working within the company are, above all, people of experience, dreamers who realize their dreams by living for the music entrusted to them.

. The team is led by Nicolas Leroux, president and CEO, with extensive experience in distribution.

. Propaganda Distribution has signed a long-term agreement with the digital distributor BELIEVE in order to allow its numerous labels to benefit from BELIEVE's service offering throughout the world.

. In order to keep up with the growing supply and demand for vinyl records all over the planet, Propaganda then becomes with us, the only structure and a one-stop shop that offers an incomparable professional service for the distribution of your vinyl records, providing technical support to help you get there. She also takes care of the manufacturing, listening and approval of the pressing tests which are carried out in-house, by an industry professional who knew the glorious era of vinyl, without forgetting the printing of your covers, and providing you with a graphic designer to help you bring your projects to fruition.

. Our physical sales network in Canada is made up, among others, of major distribution structures such as WALMART, RENAUD-BRAY, ARCHAMBAULT, SUNRISE, AMAZON, MERCHBAR etc. And we are the preferred partners of more than 250 independent record stores in Canada. Record stores experienced in meeting the demands of their customers, and to whom we pay particular attention, since they are now essential and essential within our industry. Propaganda also operates its own stores on the web, ensuring that it is never out of stock and that everything is available as quickly as possible and at the best prices. Propaganda ensures an increased presence on DISCOGS, AMAZON.CA, AMAZON.COM, MERCHBAR, etc.

. Propaganda also manages the sales of merchandising products entrusted to it by labels, artisans and independent artists, on the MERCHBAR platform.

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