Dominic Paquet / Just a kid! - DVD

Dominic Paquet / Just a kid! - DVD

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  • Directed by Réal Béland

While we all live at a frantic pace, Dominic stops, contemplates and notes our failings to better exaggerate them. With his very particular imagination, his comical metamorphoses and a universe all his own, he displays his great talent by standing out with his interpretations of grandiose expressions with Rien qu's'une gosse . It is often his disarticulated body that expresses itself, stretches and contracts, thus supporting his well-crafted texts to embody archetypes with which the public takes pleasure in identifying… or not!

Is it a child? A retarded teenager? An adult? A complete idiot or a genius? It doesn't matter, because his explosive energy, combined with an out-of-the-ordinary stage performance, make Rien que's une gosse a totally hilarious show.

See this third one-man show from the comedian, who made more than 225,000 people burst into laughter thanks to his humor accessible to all. An idiot with boundless energy who knows how to dilate spleens like no one else!

Year of production: 2019
French language
Audio: 5.1 Surround
Image format: 1.78:1 / 16:9
Duration: 106 minutes