Manu Militari / Honor killing - CD

Manu Militari / Honor killing - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Honor killing
2. The first
3. The office
4. Head in the stars
5. Revolt
6. Montréalistan (feat. Rolly & Cheb Nino)
7. Lost souls
8. The secret of the gods
9. The Thirty Bar (feat. OTT & Stan)
11. For every drop of oil
12. Threesome
13. Welcome to the terminal

Manu Militari is the heavyweight of Quebec rap and is considered the most respected MC in Montreal. Sociology, the history of the revolt or the on-board camera in the heart of Baghdad, the themes tackled by Manu Militari are more than pretexts for songs, they are short films in themselves. Always supported by the street, critically acclaimed since the release of his first album “ Voix de fait ” in 2006.