Manu Militari / New wave - CD

Manu Militari / New wave - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve
  • Included 24-page booklet with lyrics

Album tracks:

2. Khawaga
3. New wave
4. Whoever dies, dies in pain
5. Hochelaga
6. Kill (feat. Sael)
7. The fall of Berlin
8. Ayahuasca
9. Van Gogh
10. Nota bene (feat. Stan)
11. Rio de Janeiro
12. Revelation

New Wave ” is a painting with Pink Floyd colors, ocean depth and Van Gogh pain. It's a Jacques Brel with down-town accents and timeless chords. A true poem, often lost around the globe, always guided by the love of art. This is Manu Militari 's fifth album.