Richard Abel / My Very Best Melodies - CD

Richard Abel / My Very Best Melodies - CD

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After consulting the 7,000 members of his Fanclub and noting the immense popularity of several pieces that he performed in shows, Richard Abel decided to group them together on the same album which he entitled “ My most beautiful melodies ”. You will be delighted to listen and for some to listen again to these melodies which characterized the style of this artist who we like to nickname “the Romantic Pianist”.

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Album tracks:

1. Romance
2. Frederick
3. You will have to tell them
4. I'm coming home
5. Elegance
6. Elegant Madame Koller
7. My life journey (Personal Journey)
8. Tango to Evora
9. Old pianos
10. Piano on the Wave
11. I Think of You
12. Peace on Earth (A Little Peace)
13. Island Walk (Island Fantasy)
14. Sara Love
15. Prelude
16. La Violetta
17. The song of the golden wheat
18. Pretty Louise
20. Bilitis
21. Stairway to Heaven
22. Elegant Madame Koller (Piano Solo)