13 Organized / 13 Organized - CD

13 Organized / 13 Organized - CD

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Album track:

1. Organized gang
(feat. SCH, Kofs, Jul, Naps, Soso Maness, Elams, Solda & Houari)

2. The star on the jersey
(feat. L'Algérino, Alonzo, Stone Black, Le Rat Luciano, SCH, Jul, As & Veazy)

3. How much
(feat. Many, Jul, Solda, Moubarak, Soprano, Elams, Soso Maness, Veazy & Jhonson)

4. It’s the same everywhere
(feat. Saf, Jul, As, Elams, Fahar, Friz, Vincenzo & Drime)

5. My gadji
(feat. Kofs, Oussagaza, Don Choa, Saf, Soso Maness, 2Bang, Youzi & Jul)

6. Everything has changed
(feat. Le Rat Luciano, Soprano, Jul, L'Algérino, Sysa, Solda, Menzo & Stone Black)

7. Warzone
(feat. Thabiti, Naps, Alonzo, Houari, Jul, As, Zbig & AM La Scampia)

8. Heat
(feat. Keny Arkana, Graya, 100 Blaze, Sauzer, Jul, Elams, Sat L'Artificier & Banguiz)

9. Miami Vice
(feat. Thabiti, Sysa, Drime, Jul, Kamikaz, Zbig & Moubarak)

10. It's now
(feat. Sat L'Artificier, Alonzo, Kofs, Naps, SCH, Jul, Kamikaz & L'Algérino)

11. 13 balls
(feat. Kofs, Moh, 100 Blaze, Jul, Naps, Dadinho, A-Deal & Zak & Diego)

12. At night
(feat. Tonyno, Soso Maness, Kara, Jul, Djazz, Bylk, Fahar, Kamikaz & Djiha)

13. I am Marseille
(feat. Akhenaton, Jul, L'Algérino, Alonzo, Shurik'n, ​​Fahar, SCH & Le Rat Luciano)

13 organised ” is the 100% Marseille rap album that brings together the new and old generation. From Akhenaton to Soprano , via Keny Arkana and Soso Maness , this project initiated by Jul features around fifty rappers who cross the microphone to defend the colors of their city. Unity and reunification, the Marseille city finally has its original soundtrack in 13 tracks.

The last title promises to be iconic with its five-star cast: Akhenaton , Jul , L'Algérino , Alonzo , Shurik'n , ​​Fahar , SCH and Le Rat Luciano will compete in a production to the glory of their city.