1755 / Anthology - 3CD

1755 / Anthology - 3CD

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The legendary Acadian group 1755 marks 35 years of career with the release of a box set bringing together the group's three fully remastered studio albums: 1755 , Vivre à la Baie and Synergie . The public will have the opportunity to recall good memories by listening to pieces that have quickly become classics of the Acadian repertoire: CB Buddie , Rue Dufferin , Maudite guerre , UIC , Boire ma bottle , Vivre à la Baie , etc.

Combining folk, country and rock with lyrics from traditional songs, members of the group or the poet Gérald Leblanc , 1755 is the emblematic figure of Acadian music for several generations in Acadia. It was 1755 that really launched the Acadian musical movement on an international scale. More than a music group, it was the whole of Acadia that they carried in their travel bag and their influence can still be heard in the Acadian artists who followed. Even today, 1755 brings crowds to their feet.

3CD box set bringing together three remastered albums.

1755 - 1755

Hello Joe
CB Buddie
The tune of Louis Arseneault
The world we know
Damn war
Rue Dufferin
Drink my bottle
The world has changed
Geddap Sam
Crazy life
I sing for you

1755 - Living at the Bay

The gang is coming
Reel of the 375th
My corner of Acadia
The convent gardener
I love you
Living at the bay
The worst is coming
I spent the whole night up
Disco Banjo

1755 - Synergy

little girl
Your song
How soon have you returned?
Saturday night
I'm going up to Moncton
Autumn dream
for her