Afrikana Soul Sister / Kalasö - LP Vinyl

Afrikana Soul Sister / Kalasö - LP Vinyl

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  • 140 g black vinyl record
  • Printed interior pocket
  • Included download card

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Fool
2. I bonko
3. Tinnami (feat. Ariane Moffatt)
4. Tamanitanga
5. Asora

Side B
1. Fantani (feat. Émile Bilodeau)
2. Kouma
3. Buelayi (feat. Naxx Bitota)
4. Barah

Always with this same desire to bring people together and break down barriers between West African and North American cultures, Afrikana Soul Sister presents its 2nd album, Kalasö .

Afrikana Soul Sister is the unclassifiable project led by the seasoned Quebec multi-instrumentalist, director and arranger Jean-François Lemieux (Jean Leloup, Daniel Bélanger, Ariane Moffatt), completed by the Senegalese percussionist Fa Cissokho and the Malian singer Issue from a long line of Djely Tapa griots (sacred Radio-Canada Revelation 2019-2020 in the world music category).

Once again, as it will also be possible to see on Kalasö (“We will all go to class”), which notably includes collaborations with Émile Bilodeau and Ariane Moffatt , the trio wholeheartedly brandishes its percussive music afro-electro with a futuristic flavor.