Alain Caron / The Band - CD

Alain Caron / The Band - CD

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The Band is the first solo album by Alain Caron after the extraordinary experience with UZEB and was released in 1993.

Recorded and mixed at Studio Victor, Montreal in November-December 1992, Le Band is a spectacular drive, full of fun and amazing solo compositions!

It is not only a great bass drive, but it is a work of great music for enthusiastic fans and music lovers!

Le Band is a very funky album and its recording was attended by Jerry De Villiers Jr. on guitar, Magella Cormier on drums and Gerry Etkins we keyboards.

A beautiful album that you should not miss: a milestone in the production of Alain Caron . Maturity and style of Caron, the precise connotations, reveals to listener a soul like few equals.

This album received the Félix award for Best Album of the Year in 1993.

Track Listing:

1. Jack Cannon
2. SEC
3. 87 South
4. No Way
5. From TOP
6. Options
7. Freedom Jazz Dance
8. Lower East Side
9. 3 in 4
10. Devil Shuffle
11. Had to Go