Alpha Thiam / Transhumance - CD

Alpha Thiam / Transhumance - CD

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Originally from the Republic of Guinea in West Africa, Alpha Thiam is a fascinating author, composer, singer and guitarist. Having settled in Montreal for several years, after having traveled across West Africa for more than forty years, he presents his first eponymous album.

Winner of the Syli de bronze from the 2008 Nuits d'Afrique International Festival, Découverte MMM 2008 and a grantee from the Tour of the Conseil des Arts de la Ville de Montréal in 2009, Alpha Thiam offers you a solid performance which he accompanies with short stories and short anecdotes, allowing the audience to appreciate each song, whether sung in Fulani, Mandinka or Sousou languages.

Accompanied on stage by experienced musicians, Alpha Thiam presents mixed African music, where the sounds of the kora, bass and percussion join harmoniously with his guitar playing. Alpha Thiam 's music will transport you to global folk flavored with African essences and tinged with blues, funk and Quebecois influences.

Album tracks:

1. Tounga (feat. Tapa Diarra)
2. Landji
3. Djoumba
4. Douga
5. Djougouya (feat. Tapa Diarra)
6. Rewbe
7. Yadou
8. Africa (feat. Loïk Toumani)
9. Deri
10. Transhumance