Amay Laoni / The turning point - CD
Amay Laoni / The turning point - CD

Amay Laoni / The turning point - CD

Oblik Records
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Author-composer and singer Amay Laoni (previously known as AMÉ ) will release her new album “ Le tournent ” on October 16 via her label Oblik Records.

Just like the album “ Sa couleur r” launched in 2018, this new album is produced by his accomplice Étienne Chagnon and shines with the singularity of its sound universe and a desire to push imaginative ideas, both through writing and composition. and production.

In 12 songs that range from the opening trio “ Un fil ”, “ ça va ” and “ t'auras rien ” through the immense “ tout release ” and “ du tout ”, to the dramatic finale “ en true , I don't know ", Amay Laoni sets the tone with her racy electro-pop music which, without denying her influences, positions her among the best of the genre.

Clear vocals, perfectly crafted melodies, sustained grooves and heavy bass make the album “The Turning”, Amay Laoni 's most accomplished project.

  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. A thread
2. It's okay
3. You won't get anything
4. How we must part
5. Release everything
6. What do I know?
7. Tree
8. Until next time
9. At all
10. I want your confession
11. I'll let you go
12. Actually, I don't know