Andréanne Martin / Guerrière - CD

Andréanne Martin / Guerrière - CD

Andréanne Martin
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. I have soul
2. Warrior
3. Cajoled
4. The same dream
5. No coffee no fun
6. Baby steps
7. Why are you here?
8. We diva tu
9. What Will Be
10. Revive
11. Yo-yo
12. No Coffee No Fun

Originally from Quebec, Andréanne takes us on a journey into her eclectic pop universe with flavors that are sometimes Latin, sometimes funk, folk, reggae and even electro. She surprises us with her passion and her authenticity, particularly in the songs “ Guerrière ” which deals with the protection of nature, in “ Que Sera ” which denounces racism and in “Pas de Bébé” which is a feminist song about a subject very little talked about, the fact of not wanting children as a woman.