Angele Arsenault / Live! - 2CD

Angele Arsenault / Live! - 2CD

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Angèle Arsenault, pioneer of Acadian music, avant-garde messenger and musician with irresistible melodies, recorded in 2012-2013 her new songs from the last years of reflection. The joy of living and serenity are present on the double album including Vivre! (in French) and Home (in English).

Live! is the true Credo of Angèle Arsenault. These are her beliefs that she wanted to share, based on great confidence in human beings. It is also a hymn to life, imbued with humor, lightness and serenity. Posthumously, the texts take on an extraordinary dimension, because it is an artist who is immersed in life who writes them. Even if she is no longer here to sing them to us, we have the privilege of hearing her clear voice engraved on this double album. We discover entirely new compositions by Angèle, with solid arrangements and accompaniments that enhance this exceptional work. Several artists also participated in the French album, produced by Éloi Painchaud, including Vishtèn, Anna McGarrigle, Quatuor Orphée, Antoine Gratton, Marcella and Patricia Richard. Angèle was moved, proud of these recordings made in 2012-2013 and she was certain that they would be released to the public.

We can find it on Vivre! his tender humor and his generous outlook on the things of life. Angèle was in the studio in December 2012, with the list of songs to record already established. She showed up at breakfast saying, “I have a new song I’m recording today!” ". She had written the lyrics and music for the song “J'aime mon corps” during the night, and actually recorded it the same day. A real gem. Angèle sang for her audience songs like “Appendenance” and “Dans la Terre Rouge” which are found on the album, as well as two commissions “Bonne week” for the owner of the magazine of the same name and “L’entreprises” written for the Jocelyne Bourassa Series organized by Golf Québec.

The album Home and a disc of 16 English compositions that she wanted to offer to her English-speaking Acadian fans who had always asked her for an English disc. Songs like I Am An Acadian which is the French version of Grand-Pré and I'm Coming Home will certainly be greatly appreciated. Home is a raw recording of English-speaking songs, without added instruments or vocals.

The cover of this deluxe album, which has more than 30 pages, presents all the lyrics, both those of the French disc and those of the English disc. Photos and drawings by Angèle are scattered throughout the booklet. Live! is therefore an essential album to discover where Angèle Arsenault was in her life. It is an exceptional opportunity to receive what this timeless messenger so wanted to share. This is Angèle's last gift to Acadia and to all of humanity.

Angèle was born in Abrams Village, Prince Edward Island, the 8th in a musical family of 14 children. After a Bachelor's degree at Moncton University and a Master's

Good week
Planetary kinship
I have a beautiful body
Life is beautiful
In the red earth
Live to be a hundred years old
The Butterfly Waltz
My heart balances
Have a good week (piano, voice)
Life is beautiful (piano, voice)
Messenger (piano, voice)

Coming Home
Angel With An “E”
We Are One
Trust Your Music
Personal Ad
Like A Lighthouse
Love Song To You
No More Blues
I Am An Acadian
Do you speak French
Citizen of the World