Annie Broccoli / In the seabed - DVD

Annie Broccoli / In the seabed - DVD

Les productions Benannah
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Its mission: to clean the seabed. Will she succeed?

On her way, she meets inhabitants of the seabed, each more original than the last: the octopus Splash, two synchronized sisters called the Banana girls, the fishes X and O who play tic-tac-toe, the pretty mermaid Océane , the stylist Jay Dustyle, the marine recycler Supernet, the Pied Thon fish which controls traffic, the Kloro and Phile salads and, of course, Jérémie and Coccinelle, Annie's faithful friends, as well as Germaine, the vegetarian frog, more hysterical than ever.

Discover with Annie the pleasures of an underwater brocolesque adventure!

1. Aqua
2. Splash
3. Banana girls
4. Tic-tac-toe
5. Oceane
6. Social aquafitness
7. Disco fever
8. Supernet
9. In my bubble

Bonus :

  • Character photo gallery
  • Bloopers from the filming and trailer
  • Karaokes for 3 songs: Aqua, Les nanas Banana, Supernet