Annie Broccoli / G Show at the Broco Show - DVD

Annie Broccoli / G Show at the Broco Show - DVD

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Annie Brocol i got young and old dancing with her energetic show, Le Broco Show ! But his great accomplice, Germaine, the vegetarian frog, also has his show. From the G Show studios, Germaine presents 13 new songs by Annie Brocoli from the show Le Broco Show . In addition, Annie Brocoli offers us a dance class through 3 popular songs from the French repertoire! G Show at Broco Show is a happy mix of songs and dance with Annie Brocoli and lots of laughs with the adventures of the magnificent Germaine, the vegetarian frog!

List of songs:

1. Alpha Gachetou
2. Discomania
3. The pajamas party
4. The rhythms of the world
5. Laughter
6. A circus in my cereal box
7. It's Halloween
8. Mr. Cannibal
9. Ankle boots
10. My planet
11. Intergalactic break dancing
12. On the road to the far west
13. Isla Broccolina
14. It makes the birds laugh
15. Santa Claus is electric
16. Long live the wind

Year: 2009
80 minutes
Region: 0 (all regions)

For children