Anonymus / Sacrifices - CD

Anonymus / Sacrifices - CD

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  • CD Jewel Case
  • 8-page booklet with lyrics

Album tracks:

1. Sacrifices
2. Unity is Strength
3. Scandal
4. The Wick Is Short
5. Vermin
6. Death Threats
7. Thirst for Vengeance
8. Violence Begets Violence
9. Spray
10. The Wall
11. Positive

Formed on January 29, 1989, Anonymus has caused a lot of ink to flow on the Quebec music scene. From their beginning, the metal group received a favorable reception by exhibiting a brutal and technical sound which has continued to evolve over the years. Oscar Souto (vocals, bass), Daniel Souto (guitar and vocals), Carlos Araya (drums and vocals) and Jef Fortin (guitar and vocals from 2006 to present) have since traveled the roads of the country, participated in the depravity of Mononc' Serge and continue, today, to set fire to the powder wherever they go. These veterans still proudly carry the torch after three decades of chaos and barbaric music. In January 2019, their eleventh studio album will be released to celebrate their 30 years of existence. This is Anonymus .