Anthony Roussel / The gymnastics of love - CD

Anthony Roussel / The gymnastics of love - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. The bomb
2. The gymnastics of love
3. I drink wine (with Andrea Lindsay)
4. Look at me
5. Makes a good wrinkle
6. Mimi
7. Twenty Years (with Andrea Lindsay)
8. Beautiful day to die
9. Autumn Sky
10. Love in the imperfect
11. Papavoodoo

Anthony Roussel presents his second album, La gymnastique de l'amour , a concept album which dissects this theme as old as time in 11 scenes. Not at all rosy, not entirely black, Roussel takes a lucid and corrosive look at the vagaries of sentimental matters. Directed by André Papanicolaou and including the participation of Andrea Lindsay , this new effort offers rich arrangements and an original sound signature.