Arthur H / Mad Dog Love - 2LP Vinyl
Arthur H / Mad Dog Love - 2LP Vinyl

Arthur H / Mad Dog Love - 2LP Vinyl

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  • Double black vinyl record 140 g
  • Gatefold Pouch

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Queen of Hearts
2. Under the stars in Montreal
3. The lady of the lake
4. The passage (Gong Song)

Side B
1. The boxer in love
2. Fantasy Moonlove
3. Melancholic inversion
4. Lily Dale Symphony

Side C
1. Murder of the Night
2. Superhero of moment zero
3. Light Brigade
4. Mad dog love

Side D
1. Tokyo Kiss
2. Nosferatu
3. Chaotic Carnival
4. Moonlove goddess
5. He/She

This album is double because Arthur H knows that we are melancholy and joy, sorrow and jubilation. This album is double because we are the one who likes to dance barefoot on the carpet, and then we are also the one who looks at the sky while listening to songs that always make you shiver and cry. This album is double because we are “mad dog” and “gentle wolf” at the same time.

But above all Amour chien fou is a love record, it's written on it, you didn't miss the information, did you? Listen to how wonderfully Arthur H talks about the people he loves. And he knows how to love women, friends, brothers, sisters, the defeated, and ghosts, he cries with us because to continue living is to see his loved ones die, he cries and he sings, and he never stops to make us dance.

The record was imagined during and between stopovers on a world tour and then, before being mixed and mastered in Montreal, this city of the Grand Large, where Mr. H finds his breath, it was designed and recorded with his accomplices in the heart of Paris, in the burning heart of summer 2017, at the Maison de la Poésie. Arthur also found his lifelong companion Nicolas Repac , co-director, who brought with him his cargo of fantastic and ghostly samples as well as his bewitching white griot guitars.