Arthur H & Nicolas Repac / Black Gold - CD
Arthur H & Nicolas Repac / Black Gold - CD

Arthur H & Nicolas Repac / Black Gold - CD

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  • Mini book of 54 pages in digipak format
  • The entire poems are reproduced inside

Album tracks:

1. Lost body (Aimé Césaire)
2. The Cohée du Lamentin (Édouard Glissant)
3. The profession of crossbreeding (René Depestre)
4. In the mane of the cyclone (Georges Desportes)
5. Notebook of a return to the native country (Aimé Césaire)
6. Soufrière (Daniel Maximin)
7. The Death Fair (Gilbert Gratiant)
8. The local child (Dany Laferrière)
9. Letter from the Sorcerer (James Noël)
10. The automatic crystal (Aimé Césaire)
11. Maire-Galante (Édouard Glissant)

L'or noir , the fruit of a new collaboration between Arthur H and Nicolas Repac , is an album read of black poetry, essentially Caribbean, where the two friends have strived to create an ad hoc musical atmosphere for the works of poets such as ' Aimé Césaire , Édouard Glissant , René Depestre or Dany Laferrière , chosen on the themes of earth, love, death.

Here Arthur H shows his talents as a reader, hiding behind the words of the poets, more actor than singer, slammer than rocker. Nicolas Repac , the wizard of sounds puts the writings of poets to music, and what music! This gives pride of place to the thumb piano, the sanza, the harmonic flute and – of course – the guitar which here takes on the air of a kora. Alternately hot or sweaty, always in love, in the grip of sensuality, the musician knew how to find the right rhythms which evoke the magic, the heat, the sensuality specific to African and Caribbean cultures.

The whole gives L'or noir a cinematographic presence, where nature and its elements, which hold a preponderant place here, come to life, where poetry comes to life and which pushes us to the most complete abandonment, time of an album.