Various artists / Lullabies for Philou - CD

Various artists / Lullabies for Philou - CD

Effendi Records
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Compilation tracks:

1. Little evening song - André Gagnon
2. 1849 - François Bourassa
3. Lullaby for Kim-Ann - Julie Lamontagne
4. Little Myles - Oliver Jones
5. Autumn morning - Isabelle Cyr
6. Always Near to You - Min Rager
7. Melodie for Warren - Benoît Sarrasin
8. For a Child - Paul Baillargeon
9. Waltz for Jung - Josh Rager
10. When I See You Again - Yves Léveillé
11. Clarence's Dream - Andrée Boudreau
12. Sleep of the rose - Florence K
13. Sweet Dream - Lorraine Desmarais
14. 3984 St-Urbain - Coral Egan
15. Seven - Stephan Moccio

15 of our best pianists responded to the joint invitation of Alain Labonté, Diane Chênevert (president of the Center de Répit Philou Association) and Effendi Records to help the Center de Répit Philou, a home for severely affected children. disabled. Everyone has combined their efforts to lighten the lives of all those who are directly or indirectly affected by the state of health of these children.

These artists, among whom we find none other than André Gagnon, Coral Egan, Florence K, François Bourassa, Julie Lamontagne, Lorraine Desmarais, Oliver Jones and Stephan Moccio, have taken up their finest pen and armed themselves with their finest sensitivity to compose and perform sumptuous lullabies.

This album is a gentle, soothing, inspired ballad that shows the full extent of the generosity (artistic and human) of these personalities. A philanthropic project, simply, and real music, without artifice that will definitely give you goosebumps.

All profits are donated to the Philou Respite Center.

Mission of the Philou Respite Center: The main objective of the Center is to provide respite services for disabled children under the age of 5 in order to offer their parents the opportunity to recharge their batteries.