Various artists / Desjardins - CD

Various artists / Desjardins - CD

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The Desjardins album is a project bringing together several artists from the Quebec music scene to pay tribute to the work of the great singer-songwriter Richard Desjardins .

Driven by Abitibi pride and a desire to highlight the magnificent poetry of Desjardins, the album is produced by the talented Philippe B , also from Abitibi. In addition to the latter, the album will bring together Safia Nolin , Fred Fortin , Émile Bilodeau , Avec pas d'casque , Bernard Adamus , Saratoga , Keith Kouna , Klô Pelgag , Philippe Brach , Koriass , The Boulay sisters , Matiu and Yann Perreau .

For the duration of a song, each of them opens the door to both their world and that of Desjardins, and it is precisely this nuance that gives all the charm and uniqueness of the project.

Compilation tracks:

1. In the land of skullcaps – With no helmet
2. Don’t go away –/ Safia Nolin
3. Mammals – Bernard Adamus
4. There will always be – Philippe B
5. Do you love me – Fred Fortin
6. The Good Guy – Matiu
7. The engeôliere – The Boulay sisters
8. In his eyes – Yann Perreau
9. Put a man on me – Koriass
10. Jenny – Keith Kouna
11. The song of the bum – Émile Bilodeau

12. When I love once I love forever – Saratoga
13. The Yankees – Klô Pelgag & Philippe Brach