Various artists / Never without my pot, Vol. 1 - CD
Various artists / Never without my pot, Vol. 1 - CD

Various artists / Never without my pot, Vol. 1 - CD

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Halfway between the musical compilation and the audiovisual document of recruitment and awareness (or propaganda, as desired), the first volume of Jamais sans mon pot serves above all the anti-prohibitionist cause towards the famous green plant, but is also wants a way for the Bloc Pot to support its fundraising campaign on the eve of the provincial elections. We therefore find a whole host of groups ( Kaliroots , Kulcha Connection , Dobacaracol , Absolu , Mononc' Serge , Colectivo , Ludger and others) having each provided a piece paying homage to cannabis or highlighting the absurdity of its criminal repression. Beyond the concept, Jamais sans mon pot holds up particularly well and provides a musical journey worthy of the best trips.

Album tracks:

1. Feeling Irie / Kaliroots
2. Sensemilia / Kulchua Connection with Mellowmood
3. Sensimilia / Dobacaracol
4. Tapoutchin the World / Ludger
5. Vegetation / Karkwa
6. Red eyes / Absolute
7. Saida / Tomàs Jensen
8. Miami Bic / La Fanfare Pourpour
9. Peace pipe / Virgo and the Living
10. El Ganja / The brothers at Ch'val
11. Healed you / Thibaud
12. Marijuana Farmer / Boris
13. Colectivo / Colectivo
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Published on November 19, 2002