Various Artists / Nirvana Revisited - LP Vinyl

Various Artists / Nirvana Revisited - LP Vinyl

Wagram Music
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Album tracks:

A1 Shaka Ponk–Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:33
A2 Bebo Best, The Super Lounge Orchestra–Come As You Are 3:38
A3 Micadelia–Polly 2:22
A4 Maxence Cyrin–Lithium 3:53
A5 Richard Cheese–Rape Me 1:55
A6 Yaron Herman Trio–Heart-Shaped Box 4:41

B1 Little Roy–About a Girl 3:24
B2 Elisa Rodrigues–Dumb 3:46
B3 Iron Horse–in Bloom 3:02
B4 Kathryn Williams–All Apologies 3:33
B5 Chelou (2)–Aneurysm 3:15
B6 Kristin Hersch–Pennyroyal Tea 3:06

Listen to Nirvana differently and converting grunge into jazz seems impossible. 'Nirvana Revisited - A Tribute To Nirvana' from the Revisited collection by Wagram shows that it is possible. Among others, Yaron Herman Trio, Kathryn Williams, Kristin Hersh and many others…