Various artists / Noël In Extremis - CD

Various artists / Noël In Extremis - CD

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Album tracks:

2. BARF – December 23
3. Insurrection – The child with the drum
4. Nova Spei – Rock like pwels
5. Anonymus – Noël Blanco
6. The Black Russian – All I Want for Christmas
7. Dizzygoth – Jingle Bell Rock
8. Lethal Creation – Los Peces en el Rio
9. Special Ops – Deck the Halls
10. Barfonymus & The Grumpy – Minuit Chrétien
11. Anonymus & Mononc' Serge – Parties in Hell

Prepare the turkey with its stuffing, the eggnog, the meatball stew, the pie, but above all don't forget the whiskey and this year the tequila! The Christmas In Extremis compilation will spank the party!

New emerging compilation, worthy spiritual successor to Noël dans la rue , which will in turn become cult shortly. Bringing together emblematic Quebec metal bands such as Anonymus , Mononc' Serge , BARF and Insurrection , we can find some other names from the current emerging scene such as Dizzygoth , Nova Spei , Special Ops and The Black Russian and the Mexican group Lethal Creation that brings us its tequila!

You will find Christmas classics with a new twist which will in turn become classic versions. Get ready to sing your favorite Christmas songs spiced up by each of the groups!

This compilation continues the tradition by donating a portion of the profits from each CD sale to help the homeless and less fortunate. Anticipation is high from fans of previous compilations. Christmas in the Street compilations have become prized collector's items.