Various artists / Our sung forests - CD

Various artists / Our sung forests - CD

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Initiated by the Cowboys Fringants Foundation in collaboration with ENvironnement JEUnesse , the creation project Our Sung Forests aimed to mobilize and raise awareness among secondary school students (and a CEGEP group) across Quebec about issues related to the forest.

The Our Sung Forests project made it possible to produce an album of songs on the theme of the Quebec forest, the texts of which were written by students from across the province. The texts were set to music and performed by committed artists.

Thanks to educational and awareness-raising workshops on the forest, the project stimulated young people's interest in French-speaking songs, their creativity through writing and their understanding of issues related to forests.

Admirably co-produced by Sébastien Blais-Montpetit and Simon Landry , with the contribution of Chafik for the song Nutshimit , this album is astonishingly beautiful. Each piece carries its personality and sensitive color, magnified by inspired compositions. The fair outlook and talent of these young people from across Quebec is remarkable and so touching. A superb album, a proud and successful mission!

Compilation tracks:

1. The trail at the end of the road / Vincent Vallières
2. Hummingbird / Dumas
3. Spring / The Hawerchuk Dales

4. In the Shadow of Big Bill / Les Cowboys Fringants
5. Saint-Sauveur / Carole Facal
6. So that you run wild / Shoot the Coyote
7. Tell me / Chloé Sainte-Marie
8. Territory / David Marin
9. Émile / Richard Séguin
10. Killy / Safia Nolin
11. Nutshimit (in the woods) / Loco Locass