BARF / Mantra - LP Vinyl
BARF / Mantra - LP Vinyl

BARF / Mantra - LP Vinyl

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  • 180 g white vinyl record
  • 11" x 11" insert with lyrics

Album tracks:

In front of
2. Disappeared
3. Grip
4. Fuck the World
5. The test
6. Tomahawk (feat. Vincent Peake, Sébastien Croteau)
7. Tie-tie raptor

Side B
1. Fentanyl
2. Gun at the temple
3. Hellzheimer
4. Apocalypse Mantra
5. Fade Out (feat. Mononc' Serge)

After more than a year of seclusion in his lair following half a decade where a return to the stage in 2012, the album Brûle Consume Torture in 2014 and the celebration of the group's 30th anniversary in 2016 followed at a frantic pace. , Blasting All Rotten Fuckers ( BARF of its little name) plunges back into the heart of darkness with a sixth opus: Mantra .

Still with the same concrete formation which includes the veterans Marc Vaillancourt on screams and Denis Lepage on guitar, the bass virtuoso Dominic ''Forest'' Lapointe and the tireless machine Carlos Araya on drums, BARF is doing it again with an album in the language of Molière which exudes maturity through its eternal themes of politics, injustice, hatred, war and mortality. With Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Beyond Creation, etc.) directing, Mantra is the natural evolution taking its course.

Always halfway between grind and metal core, BARF, true to itself, leaves the door open to all its influences in order to draw the essence of its constant renewal and offers a hybrid of styles ranging from grind to punk through doom, stoner, trash and even some progressive touches, an amalgam that will please the range of fans young and old who continue to support this pillar of the Quebec scene.