The Beach Boys / 14 Great Hits - CD

The Beach Boys / 14 Great Hits - CD

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Coming from a family that has been practicing music for several generations, the Wilson brothers, Brian, Carl and Dennis, grew up in Hawthorne (California). Three elements make the sound of The Beach Boys specific: their crystalline vocal harmonies, the chords and binary rhythms of Chuck Berry, which form the backbone of any rock repertoire, and the sophisticated productions of Phil Spector, of which Brian will tirelessly try to reproduce the famous Wall of Sound.

The turning point came in 1961 when Dennis returned from a surfing session, Brian wrote “Surfin'” (October 1961). They then opted for the name The Beach Boys . On July 16, 1962, their father signed a recording contract in their place with Capitol Records, neither of whom was of age.

Brian's songs are incredibly quickly becoming the anthems of American youth, who recognize themselves in this carefree and well-mannered quintet, projecting a healthy and sporty image, and celebrating pretty girls, surprise parties and the joys of surfing.

Here are 14 early successes!

Compilation tracks:

1. Surfin Safari
2. Fun, Fun, Fun
3. Louie, Louie
4. I Get Around
5. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
6. Surfin
7. Little Deuce Coupe
8. Surfin USA
9. Misirlou
10. Hawaii
11. Little Honda
12. All Summer Long
13. Shutdown
14. Honky Tonk