Becoming The Bully / Pillars - CD

Becoming The Bully / Pillars - CD

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Founded in 2014, Becoming The Bully is a metal-core band from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Very quickly, they were able to make their place in the Quebec hardcore scene. The 200 copies of their first EP, Zenith , sold quickly through their shows (more than a hundred) across Quebec and Ontario.

Their texts, as much inspired by the challenges of life encountered ( Pillars, Facelift, Shoveling Dirt, Shameless, etc. ) as by the world of horror films ( The Infinite, The Taking ), create a dark and powerful auditory atmosphere.

Recorded by Hugues Bouchar ( Le Cockpit Studio ) and produced/mixed by Anthony Chognard ( CHSProd, Smash Hit Combo, Nova Spei, etc. ), Pillars is an album that will not leave anyone indifferent and will stand out among the crowd.

Album tracks:

1. Pillars
2. Facelift
3. The Taking (feat. Obscure Mantra)
4. Shoveling Dirt (feat. Basterds)
5. Interlude
6. Shameless
7. We Rise
8. Deception (feat. A Life Forsaken)
9. The Infinite (feat. Lost Creation)