Benjamin Biolay / The Superb - 3LP Vinyl
Benjamin Biolay / The Superb - 3LP Vinyl

Benjamin Biolay / The Superb - 3LP Vinyl

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  • More than 10 years after its release, Benjamin Biolay's cult album La superb finally reissued on vinyl
  • Triple black vinyl 140 g
  • Triple gatefold pouch

Album tracks:

Disc 1

In front of
1. The superb
2. August 15
3. Padam

Side B
1. Miss Catastrophe
2. Your legacy
3. If you follow my gaze
4. Night Shop

Disc 2

Side C
1. You are my love
2. Without targeting anyone
3. Drug addiction
4. Brandt Rhapsody

Side D
1. Hope gives life
2. Let's set sail
3. All this torments me
4. Enough about me

Disc 3

Side E
1. Buenos Aires
2. Failed
3. Lyon almost island
4. Melancholic

Side F
1. Come back my love
2. Jealous of everything
3. September 15

In 2010, the artist won two music victories (best album, best male performer). We knew BIOLAY author, we knew Biolay composer, we still had to find the Biolay performer and it was on LA SUPERBE that the dandy knew how to provoke an inalienable charm, both intimate and symphonic. What emerges is a new album without a false note, one that would even dare to say of a confounding invariable beauty. A triple vinyl for twenty-two titles , in other words a godsend for the diverse and talented composer that he is. Because with LA SUPERBE , BENJAMIN BIOLAY brilliantly explores a diversity of tone and atmosphere, the marked path of an epic and jaded journey at the same time. LA SUPERBE is a difficult album to categorize. Both pop on “Si tu suis mon regard” or “Lyon presqu’île” , divinely electro on “Buenos Aires” , or downright intimate one-on-one with his piano in a poignant “Ton heritage” , Biolay colors each kind of its icy bitterness.

But this album is above all a personal diary, Biolay gives himself up without restraint, sometimes erotic, cynical, naive but always very fair in his words. The author shines in particular in “La superb” , an illuminated, melancholy and fatalistic theme song where throbbing violins collide with a cold and stoic drum machine. Or ironic in a lively, dense “Hope Makes You Live” filled with superimposed synths. And then this stroke of brilliance, the duo he forms with JEANNE CHERHAL offers with “Brandt Rhapsodie” a concrete illustration of life as a couple, the meeting, the promises then the long decay, the loss of desire and the inevitable separation . And what about the composer Biolay, the multi-instrumentalist concocted his twenty-two titles like an artisan, almost alone with his good ideas. The album gives off an impression of mastery and a dandy side that sticks to the man's skin. Because it is true that certain titles breathe fragrances of cozy ambiances, from the loving and melodic “Night Shop” , from the sensual “Padam” to the acoustic “Raté” , Biolay handles the light with seriousness and drama with distance. His drunken crooner's voice slips over the words, crawls, hangs on but never gives up. The Biolay singer was able to find the perfect alchemy between his sad clown voice, his resigned words and his elegant compositions.