Benjamin Biolay / Vengeance - 2LP Vinyl

Benjamin Biolay / Vengeance - 2LP Vinyl

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After the success of “ La superb ” in 2009, two Victoires de la Musique, and a sold-out world tour, Benjamin Biolay delivers a new album with amplified and fully assumed new wave or hip hop influences: guitars and massive beats clash and the singing knows how to flow when needed. Other titles, more sensitive and intimate, take the feelings on a melancholy ballad. And, as always, the usual elegance of the writing is there.

Album tracks:

Disc 1

In front of
1. Love my love
2. Enjoy (feat. Vanessa Paradis)
3. Sleep will wait
4. Under the Frozen Lake (feat. Gesa Hansen)

Side B
1. Venganza (feat. Sol Sanchez)
2. Marlene messes up
3. No one in my bed
4. Don't regret anything (feat. OrelSan)

Disc 2

Side C
1. Treasure treasure
2. Belle époque (Night shop #2) [feat. Oxmo Puccino]
3. The Badge of Honor

Side D
1. The End of the End
2. Vengeance (feat. Carl Barât)
3. Confetti (feat. Julia Stone)