Bernard Adamus / Sorel Soviet So What - CD

Bernard Adamus / Sorel Soviet So What - CD

Les Productions Chansonneur de mes 2
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Track Listing:

1. The blues at GG
2. The devil's part
3. Give me some
4. The roller pros
5 The stars of the match
6. Greek Gift
7.Hola the tits
8. By car but not by tank
9. Blues for Flame
10. Pretty blonde

The party, love, friendship: a trinity of all possibilities that Bernard Adamus augments with the stories of those around him. Three years after the widespread remorse of his second album, No 2 , he is back with Sorel Soviet So What , and he is in great shape! In order not to rehash the depression once again, he has cleared the clouds and the despondency in favor of the good times that are rolling, and signs even more raw texts, living from the paradox of being more personal but less intimate. Sorel Soviet So What (early contender for album of the year), is an exultant and vibrant collection of country with mojo and grooving blues, which continues to tell the story of its surroundings while s opening onto the world. These ten new pieces propel the country and blues that made Adamus' imprint into a broader and more fulfilling musical range, augmenting it with surging rock n' roll, sweaty soul and a light Hawaiian breeze. Ten pieces that revisit gloominess in favor of its opposite in order to focus on the vibrance, warmth and liveliness of their arrangements. Almost entirely recorded in the vast room of the Breakglass Studio in Montreal (with the exception of two pieces which were recorded in the legendary basement of Éric Villeneuve, faithful producer of all his albums), Sorel Soviet So What bears witness to the work of Adamus surrounded by experienced musicians. Guys all playing live, without headphones, so that the energy of each instrument overflows into the sound recording of the other. It’s an album that lives on the ardor of the collective dynamic of the studio. It's Fred Fortin who raps, it's the saxophone of Jeannot Bournival who goes crazy, it's the proven pedal steel of Joe Grass and the choirs of Daphné Brissette (Canailles), Anna Frances Meyer (Les Deuxluxes ) and Nicole Carmen Godbout . It's especially Bernard Adamus who bursts out and drops his guitar on half of the pieces to let his voice go like a poor man's Amy Winehouse. It's a huge personality that overflows even more, and it's glorious.